BGP MD5 Authentication Lab


Images used in lab: VIOS-ADVENTERPRISEK9-M), Version 15.9(3)M2

Topology Interfaces Only

BGP MD5 Authentication lab setup with four routers labeled R1 in AS1, R2 in AS2, R3 in AS3, and R4 in AS4, showcasing interface connections without IP addressing.

Topology With IP Addressing

BGP MD5 Authentication lab topology with routers R1 in AS1, R2 in AS2, R3 in AS3, R4 in AS4, featuring detailed IP addressing for each interface.
The last octet is the router number unless specified otherwise. Example: R1's G0/1 is Access to the initial configs, EVE-NG lab file and solution is below.


You have the option to configure MD5 authentication between two BGP neighbors. When this happens, each segment sent on the TCP connection between the neighbors will be verified. When you configure MD5 authentication you need to make sure you use the same password on both BGP peers; otherwise, the connection between them will never come up. MD5 authentication helps to make sure that only authorized peers can establish a BGP neighbor relationship. BGP MD5 authentication is not required but recommended.


Download Lab

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Initial Configs


Hope you enjoyed this lab. If you have questions or need any help at all please leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you. 


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